Brian McNamee’s wife cashing in on Roger Clemens settlement

Baseball When Brian McNamee and Roger Clemens settled their seven-year lawsuit in March, both sides were excited to put the dispute behind them. And McNamee’s former wife, well, she was happy for the influx of cash she had coming her way.Eileen Taylor-McNamee is claiming her former husband owes her more than $300,000 in support payments, according to The New York Post. She won an emergency order that keeps McNamee from Clemens' payment. The brakes were thrown on the payment on March 26, eight days after the settlement, when Taylor’s lawyer said McNamee owed Taylor $311,000 in child and spousal support. MORE: Opening day 2015 schedule and opponents | Fantasy Source updates for winnersMcNamee left his family the day before the Mitchell Report was released in 2007 and the couple’s divorce has been on hold since 2010, a source told The Post. The couple has two sons, ages 18 and 14, and a 10-year-old daughter. Taylor, a public school teacher, has temporary custody. Taylor was a witness in the 2012 perjury case that cleared Clemens of accusations of lying to Congress when he said he never used steroids.Chip Babcock, Clemens' attorney, told The Post his client “has great respect for Eileen McNamee and sympathizes with her situation

.”The catch: Clemens isn’t personally making the settlement payment to McNamee.“The settlement funds are coming exclusively from his homeowner’s insurance policy and he has no control over how, when or to whom the insurance company distributes those funds,” Babcock said.So it appears the legal trouble is over for Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young winner, but the storm continues for McNamee, the former trainer who accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs.