David Ortiz attacks pace rules in spring training rant

Baseball Upset with new pace-of-play rules, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz went on a vivid rant to reporters Wednesday over changes meant to speed up the game."It doesn't matter what they do, the game is not going to speed up. That's the bottom line," Ortiz said, via ESPN.com. "When you argue for a pitch and they got to review it, that takes some time. Is that our fault? No. It's their fault. But we still got to play the game.'' The league and its players' union announced Friday the implementation of pace-of-game rules effective for this season, most notably including the application of time constraints for each at-bat. Under the guidelines, pitchers and batters would have a maximum of 40 seconds from the PA announcement of the batter's name to the time the first pitch is thrown. The new rules also require that all batters must keep at least one foot in the batter's box; failure to do so will result in fines up to $500 per violation, another issue that Ortiz takes offense to. "Well, I might run out of money,'' Ortiz said. "I'm serious. I'm not going to change my game. I don't care what they say. My game, it's not like I go around and do all kinds of stupid s---.""It seems like every rule goes in the pitcher's favor. After a pitch, you got to stay in the box? One foot? I call that bulls---," Ortiz continued. "How about all the pitchers who go around the mound and do all that bulls---. What about that? Why don't they tell the pitcher, 'Throw the pitch and stay on the mound. Don't move.'Ortiz, who was told by Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington that he will be with the club "as long as he wants

to be," has hit at least 20 home runs in 12 consecutive seasons, and he has a career .290/.387/.567 slash line with Boston.