A series of highlight-reel slams gave Oklahoma City Thunder guard Hamidou Diallo the title of NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion Saturday night. 

Diallo jumped over Quavo in the final round to edge Dennis Smith Jr. 88-85. Smith failed to convert the first of his two dunks in the round. 

Diallo also dominated the first round with a pair of perfect 50 scores, including a slam over Shaquille O’Neal and an alley-oop from Russell Westbrook.  

Miles Bridges and John Collins were eliminated in the first round, receiving 83 and 82 points, respectively, from the judges. 

Diallo is the 12th rookie to win the dunk contest and the second in a row, following Donovan Mitchell’s triumph in 2018.

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Sporting News provided live updates and highlights of the contest, which concluded the competitions on All-Star Saturday.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Live updates, highlights

(All times Eastern)

10:27 p.m.:  Diallo takes the handoff from Quavo and jumps over him. It's a 45, which is enough to give him the victory over Smith. 

10:25 p.m.:  Smith jumps over Dwyane Wade and converts the alley-oop from Steph Curry. Wade isn't Shaq, but it still earns a 50. 

10:22 p.m.:  Diallo dunks it off a high bounce. Nothing special, but it's a 43 to give him an early lead over Smith. 

10:20 p.m.:  After shooting for a between-the-legs dunk with his bad hand, Smith switches up but misses his last attempt as well and scores just a 35 to start the final.

10:13 p.m.:  Hamidou Diallo and his Superman undershirt just dunked over Shaq. Tremendous. He gets his second 50 and will face off against Smith in the final.

10:09 p.m.:  J.Cole is the latest dunk contest guest star. He throws an alley-oop to Smith, who throws it down with one hand while wearing Cole's high school basketball jersey. That should beat his first score of 45, and it does as he gets a 50, giving him a total of 95 and movin

g him to the final.

10:06 p.m.:  Collins' low-budget re-enactment of the Wright Brothers involves him jumping over the side of a wooden plane. He scores a 42 and finishes with 82, one point behind Bridges.

10:03 p.m.:  Donning a Larry Johnson jersey after he was accompanied out of the tunnel by Muggsy Bogues, Bridges receives an assist from Kemba Walker and gets a perfect 50 to lead off the second stage of the first round. He finishes with a first round-score of 83.

9:57 p.m.:  Miles Bridges misses all four dunk attempts and gets a 33. He tried to throw it off the backboard and go between his legs. Diallo is in the lead after the first attempt of the first round.

9:55 p.m.:  After back-to-back misses, Dennis Smith Jr. gets a 45 on a dunk that he bounced to himself.

9:52 p.m.:  Hamidou Diallo brings out teammate Russell Westbrook, who throws him an alley-oop. Diallo's off-hand windmill throwdown earns him a 48.

9:50 p.m.:  John Collins starts the contest with a one-handed jam from the corner, but he touched the backboard for support. He scores a 40.

9:48 p.m.:  The four competitors are introduced, cheesy dance moves and all.

9:30 p.m.:  Joe Harris wins the 3-Point Contest, meaning the dunk contest is right around the corner.

8:15 p.m.:  John Collins used Friday's Rising Stars game as a warmup for the dunk contest.