The rice of of the previous night is OK make it birthday manages winter birthday department is OK does of the previous night eat

Generally speaking, the rice that we do not suggest to use of the previous night comes department of make it birthday, the rice of of the previous night is mixed in vi

scosity there can be difference above mouthfeel, can affect the simple sense that manages to birthday, so manage in winter birthday can does of the previous night eat?

The rice of of the previous night is OK does make it birthday manage

Do not suggest to use commonly.

Hold a birthday party manages general proposal is by the rice that just had cooked, the nutrient value ratio because of the rice that just had cooked is higher, more the assimilation that is helpful for path of human body intestines and stomach, and the nutrient value content of rice of of the previous night is lower, go against path of bowel of human body stomach to be absorbed to its assimilation, do not suggest the birthday of rice make it of the previous night manages commonly so.

Winter birthday department is OK does of the previous night eat

Do not suggest to eat.

Live daily in us on the collocation such as cruelly oppress, seafood, vegetable, rice a few burden are made and the raw material with main department of the birthday in the meeting is become, and to general greenery vegetable, one is put to be able to produce many carcinogenic substance namely in the evening in room temperature, nitrite, and the nutrient value of seafood also is to be able to be in the corruption of the conditional below of room temperature, after so we ate, be can adverse to health, suggest everybody did not want of the previous night to eat namely so.

The practice that birthday manages

Material: Vinegar of rice, Hai Tai, ham, cucumber, salt, rice, sesame-seed oil, white sugar.


1, had cooked rice reserve.

2, cucumber abluent cut, ham is cut.

3, next vinegar of salt, white sugar, rice according to 1:5: 1The scale of 0 is put in rice to mix divide evenly, put bit of sesame-seed oil again.

4, later rice of on the shop one piece of Hai Tai general is even small shop above.

5, again upgrade face adds leg of suffer from excessive internal heat and cucumber to furl.

6, final knife dips in cold water cuts paragraphs small, place in dish can edible.

How is birthday department saved

Generally speaking, we can put birthday department inside the plastic box that close to save, also be to be able to be used last film will lap, can protect namely so wet, because birthday department is made with rice group, if rice did a sentence,be bad to ate.