Duck heart can eat duck heart eats much harmful

Duck heart is a kind of food that a lot of people like very, nevertheless also some of person is afraid of quite to these splanchnic meetings, actually duck heart still has certain nutrition value, and very delicate also, what does the practice of the daily life of a family that heart seeing duck comes to below have.

Can duck heart eat

Duck heart, namely the heart of the duck, it is OK of edible, and taste is good still, a lot of people like to eat.

Duck heart the advantage of the body to us is very much, and the effect that still has auxiliary treatment to certain disease. So everybody is in the following life, often can buy bit of new duck heart to come back oneself are being done eat, do not go eating barbecue, it is huge to the harm of the body in that way.

Duck heart eats much harmful

Do not suggest to eat too much.

The nutrition of duck heart is rich, can the effect of liver of easy of Bu Xinan god, composed step-down, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, apply to flustered be discouraged, perspire the symptom such as insomnia of lack of power, be perturbed and low hot night sweat. In live at ordinary times in the center, everybody's pressure can compare the likelihood big, the life is potential also not quite the rule, be in at ordinary times so dietary respect, everybody orders the thing that has compensatory nutrition many a little bit with respect to should much attention. And duck heart is the food with richer nutrition actually, but also cannot eat too much.

Because duck heart takes much word, to the female not be a favour Oh. Although duck heart contains relatively rich riboflavin, zinc, selenium, vitamin of B a group of things with common features very nutrition but also have a large number of cholesterol at the same time, eat much the occurrence that may bring about acne. Want to avoid acne to appear nevertheless, females also should notice food wants at ordinary times delicate, eat sweetmeat and fat food less, eat less or do not take a surname, garlic, chili.

How is duck heart done delicious

Material: Duck heart a jin, celery 3, garlic 1 valve, ginger 1 small, Zi like that a few, blend oil 1 small spoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, salt is right amount


1, mix duck heart celery is abluent, celery is cut off, duck heart half-and-half is cut. Ginger and garlic also are washed clean had cut reserve.

2, sit the boiled water that boiler get angry pours to be burned, the water of duck heart scald that pours to had been cut again (it is OK to have 7 maturities) .

3, boiler is abluent, the blend oil that enters 1 small spoon waits for oily temperature rise to be in high explode sweet.

4, pour celery to fry to become angry.

5, break up into duck heart fry a few times.

6, break up into cooking wine and salt fry a few times to tasty.

7, the Zi that enters a few before giving boiler breaks up like that fry 5 times, can go up boiler.

The nutrient value of duck heart

Duck heart contains richer protein and B a group of things with common features vitamin, iron also is abounded quite character. Can be good at lienal appetizing, calm the nerves composedly, filling kidney, embellish bowel. Because contain rich iron,pledge besides, can beneficial liver be good at lienal, with the stomach, raise Yan Hufu, connect hematic regulate the menstrual function, raise shade filling empty. Take duck heart more, still can help a hair become beautiful beautiful good-looking. If be intentional dirty disease, internal system disease, male disease, disease of department of gynaecology, paediatrics disease, surgical disease, the person with venereal skin, now and then the auxiliary cure function

with eat duck heart to also can have particular.