Xian child work how to do delicious Xian child dry can be eaten raw

Xian child do the Xian that is airing child, it is in a few foreland are a kind of very common provision, a lot of people like to eat particularly, believe everybody wants to understand Xian very much child work how to be done commonly more delicious.

Xian child work how to be done delicious

Material: Xian child dry, ginger, very light blue, rice


1, Xian child silk of dissect of ginger of hair doing bubble, abluent; , very light blue is abluent, cut into shreds.

2, rice is abluent, put into boiler, add clear water right amount, boil gruel, xian

is put again when waiting for boil child dry, ginger, green and dressing, boil to soft can.

Xian child work can be eaten raw

Food wraps bagging to go up to be able to clarify commonly. Basically can eat directly, can leave bag feed namely, use as small 0 mouths. But if was machined,eat again, no matter be to fry,still be to mix so, dou Yingxian uses bleb to send.

Xian child dry effect and action

1 [enhance immune power]

Xian child dry contain rich protein, and protein is the nutriment with maintain immune function the most important, to make the main component of leucocyte and antibody.

2 [Zhuang Yangzhuang waist]

Xian child Gan Kesheng essence aids Yo, strong choice profit is angry, improve seminal quality, enhance spermatozoon vigor. Frequency of the impotent, lumbago that applies to be caused by of remedial kidney deficiency of yang, pee and the air of filling the five internal organs are inadequate.

3 [diuresis detumescence]

Xian child endotoxin of dry can cleared body and redundant moisture, stimulative blood and moisture are metabolic, have the effect of oedema of diuresis, disappear. Can use at treating systemic oedema, pee is adverse wait.

4 [dispel fat step-down]

Xian child work can bate and protection are hemal, have the effect of fat of the blood in lowering human body and cholesterol.

Xian child work how to choose

Look, if Xian child work very white, and volume is large, if,should avoid edible; Xian child dry exterior is complete, can show its pass careful filtration; is additional, the Xian with too bleak color child dry likelihood is to had been placed long sub article.

2 hear, the Xian that formaldehyde bubble sends child dry meeting stays have a few excitant peculiar smell.

3 feel, the Xian that sends with formaldehyde bubble child work to grasp quality of a material of very easy broken; to heal even Xian child dry, state character and processing technique heal admirable.