Corn bamboo shoot can be refrigerated how is corn bamboo shoot saved

Corn bamboo shoot is a kind of very delicious vegetable, be in a lot of places very welcome, corn bamboo shoot resembles a bit with corn it seems that, so, how should save time of corn bamboo shoot in the home at ordinary times longer?

Can be corn bamboo shoot refrigerated

Corn bamboo shoot can be refrigerated.

If cannot be fed namely, go up in tangent plane after redemptive corn bamboo shoot first daub a few salt, put the cold storage in freezer again. Want to save the nutrient value of good corn bamboo shoot, the mouthfeel that lets it at the same time is better, be about to had been deposited, of corn bamboo shoot depositing basically is to prevent moisture to lose.

How is corn bamboo shoot saved

One, vacuum is saved

1, corn bamboo shoot abluent.

2, wipe moisture next.

3, later pump the air inside with vacuum-packed bag dry.

4, sealed good mouth, do not let air enter inside.

5, place shady and cool place to save finally can.

2, freezer is saved

1, corn bamboo shoot is washed clean.

2, put corn bamboo shoot next aside air.

3, later with last film has installed his, prevent corn bamboo shoot to string together flavour.


put corn bamboo shoot freezer next cold storage is refrigerant perhaps can.

How is corn bamboo shoot done delicious

Raw material: Corn bamboo shoot, green pepper, oily, salt, unripe smoke, any of several hot spice plants of gallinaceous essence, chop.

Practice measure:

Bamboo shoot of the 1st pace, abluent corn.

The 2nd pace, shuck corn bamboo shoot crust is inclined cut paragraph, green pepper section.

The 3rd pace, boiler heats up oil, explode sweet green garlic.

The 4th pace, put conflagration of corn bamboo shoot to break up fry.

The 5th pace, put green pepper to break up fry, join unripe smoke.

The 6th pace, join chop any of several hot spice plants to break up fry even.

The 7th pace, join salt, join gallinaceous essence to fry divide evenly to be able to give boiler.

The distinction of corn bamboo shoot and corn

1. edible position is different

Corn edible place is crudely seed bead, basically have endosperm and ovarian wall composition, its feed things to be decided by the pliability of the flavour of endosperm, structure and peel character. Corn bamboo shoot is have not be brought up with seed bead young tender fruit spic is edible part, corn bamboo shoot is spic of the belt that connect seed together edible, corn eats seed not to have the ear of grain only.

2. plant species is different

Form of corn bamboo shoot is like needle of tender bamboo shoot to just call corn bamboo shoot, appearance beautiful, edible rises fragile tender delicious, plant of corn bamboo shoot appears short than corn plant, blade is more, fruit spic is lesser, bract is longer.