How does white wine drink pregnant woman to be able to drink white wine

White wine is vinous a kind, a lot of people should have had drunk, it is actually in the life now and then drinking a bit wine have emotional appeal very, and right amount the action that drinks to have certain invigorate the circulation of blood actually to the body, so how should be white wine drunk?

How is white wine drunk

1, champagne and white wine are anteprandial make aperitif drink, drink when be eaten together with rice or bread of red white wine, gan Yi matchs a desert to drink after the meal.

2, white wine is drunk first, drink after claret.

3, delicate bishop is drunk first, taste is drunk after heavy bishop.

4, young bishop is drunk first, age grape is drunk after wine.

5, not sweet bishop is drunk first, sweet taste grape is drunk after wine.

Can pregnant woman drink white wine

Cannot drink.

The maternal place that when be pregnant, drinks produces the baby below, easy meet with contracts disease of fetal sex alcohol group, cerebral growth is affected extremely possibly. Although the mother is drunk a few wine, alcohol also is met by placenta flows into fetal head in, alcohol is invaded fetal the cerebral ministry that still does not have defense ability, the result causes cerebral cell to suffer destroy.

Method of white wine choose and buy

Above all, want to know understanding white wine. The first pace of white wine of choose and buy knows white wine namely.

Next, want to consider sexual price to compare. Before beginning a choose and buy, define oneself budget first, when choosing wine so won't too too blind.

Moreover, want to consider to need tie-in cooked food. Before bishop of make choice of, want to plan the dish that will match first, undertake a choose and buy for reference with this. Sweet white wine, suit collocation commonly desert, fruit and other sweet dish; dry white wine suits the dish with tie-in delicate flavour, wait like plain boiled pork, salad, cheese, fish and pork.

Finally, want to be brave in to try, do not fear failure. The breed that you had sampled is more, you are right each breed understand vinous more, dig the wine fund that him disinter likes most more easily thereby.

The effect of white wine and action

1, bishop contains candy, alcohol kind, the nurture such as organic acid, inorganic salt, vitamin is qualitative, have to human body development benefit differently.

2, bishop is drink of exclusive alkalescent alcohol sex, can counteract modern to eat the big fish big meat below everyday white wine and rice face kind acidity food, reduce the bad cholesterol in blood, promote digest.

3, contain in bishop fight oxidation composition and rich phenolic apperception to close matter, can prevent arteriosclerosis and plaque to condense, protect and maintain the normal physiology function of system of heart head blood-vessel, protection reachs since heart, prevent apoplectic action.

4, drinkable bishop has very good hairdressing to raise to the female colour effect, can raise gas in

vigorate the circulation of blood, make the skin is full of flexibility.

5, alcohol of white black false bellebore is contained in grape skin, in the plant that its fight cancerous function to often be fed in hundreds kinds of mankind best. This kind of composition can prevent normal cell canceration, can restrain cancer cell diffuse. Claret makes by wine of grape complete fruit just about, the beautiful that reason is precautionary cancer is tasted.