The water shrimp that boil dips in the advantage that expects how tone draft boils shrimp

The sort of shrimp has a lot of kinds, the practice of shrimp also has a lot of kinds, the water shrimp that boil is among them, so the water shrimp that boil dips in makings how be moved, draft boils the advantage of shrimp what to have, will look below.

Does the water shrimp that boil dip in makings how to move?

Prepare flavour vegetable, salt, white sugar, unripe smoke, mature vinegar, chili oil, green, ginger, garlic. Clean green clean first cut end, cut the leather purify of ginger into end next, garlic flay cuts end, next OK garlic powder, ginger end, onion powder together, put into the bowl inside, add oil of a few chili again, flavour element, salt, white sugar, vinegar and unripe take mix even, such juice are made finished, the tie-in water shrimp that boil will eat first-rate. ?

Draft boils the advantage of shrimp

1, the cold sex that counteracts shrimp?

Eat shrimp to dip in vinegar is very good, can give the cold sex of shrimp drop integratedly, seafood is the food that belongs to cold cool sex commonly, dip in vinegar of a few ginger, can let flavour become better not only, and ginger vinegar is hot sex, as it happens can give the cold sex characteristic of seafood integrated, tie-in garlic, the flavoring of ginger isotherm sex will eat, better to the body. ?

2, antiseptic?

Eat shrimp and acetic collocation together, still can have antiseptic effect, vinegar can give the grape coccus inside alvine path and coliform organisms kill, can rise to prevent dysenteric action, this kind of flavoring ca

n let the flavour of dish and property produce a change, can make alimental flavour more delicious so. ?

3, does improvement digest a function?

Shrimp and acetic collocation eat to still can let absorb digestive function to become better together, can let oral cavity mucous membrane and nose be stimulated, such nerve give the body and digestion with respect to meeting feedback, let appetite become better, still can help aid digestion, after absorbing vinegar first, can make the body easier absorb. ?

Can shrimp have during reducing weight

Shrimp can have during reducing weight, shrimp belongs to a kind of plain boiled pork. Want to note the takes law and edible amount of shrimp flesh nevertheless. Shrimp flesh is a kind of protein very tall and the food with adipose inferior content, if if want,eating the meat during reduce weight so, shrimp is a very right choice, nevertheless the cooking means of shrimp flesh has a lot of, the word that if want,reduces weight must choose way of low caloric cooking. ?

How is mashed garlic shelled fresh shrimps done delicious

Material: Shelled fresh shrimps, ginger, olive oil, mashed garlic, dry chili, unripe smoke, salt, chopped green onion. ?

Practice: ?

1, ginger of the free captive animals in water is burned, put ripe fish out of quick-boil of shelled fresh shrimps?

2, little olive oil is put in boiler, explode chili of smoked bean curd and mashed garlic, put water, add salt to be born smoke, burn irrigate shelled fresh shrimps to go up, scatter on chopped green onion can. ?