Black chicken broth has acidity to still can be drunk why does black chicken broth have tart flavor

Normal for, black chicken broth should be very bright sweet, if the word or of ache slightly of black chicken broth is the problem of condiment, or deteriorated namely, nature of degenerative black chicken broth is to cannot continue to drink, everybody should fall rapidly.

Does black chicken broth have acidity to still can be drunk

Decide according to the circumstance.

If black chicken broth is acidify,bring about, still can continue commonly so of right amount edible, can not cause adverse effect to the body, but if be,bring about mouthfeel acidify, so unfavorable continue edible, because had caused many bacterium among them, the body may be caused after human body edible unwell.

Why does black chicken broth have tart flavor

The reason of 1. complementary makings

Black chicken broth is boiled after coming out if have tart flavor, the consideration is amid was joined overmuch slightly acidulated feeds material or condiment, be like: Flesh of mature vinegar, longan, sealwort, cultivated land, donkey-hide gelatin.

2. black chicken broth is degenerative

If black chicken broth was to put ability occurrence acidity for some time, because black chicken broth is saved,much consideration is undeserved, caused a bacterium, the circumstance that had appeared to deteriorate and bring about.

How has been black chicken broth done drink

Material: Flower of the black chicken, lean lean, marine coco, ginseng that spend a banner, Chinese caterpillar fungus, medlar, salt


1, the stripping and slicing after black chicken has been handled, other and all material is likewise abluent had cut.

2, in putting all stuff bowl together, add water to be burned, slow fire stews a hou


3, the Shang Zhong that has stewinging adds salt to flavor, favorite word can impose bit of gourmet powder or gallinaceous fine.

Black chicken broth should be stewed how long

Actually, black chicken broth wants specificly to be stewed how to long be returned really bad to say, this when grow what what take with us not only to feed material to matter, also having very big concern with kitchen utensils and appliances and duration with place.

Generally speaking, if be chicken of pure the black that stew, if with the handleless cup that stew small fire is stewed slow, should stew enough 3 hours ability is stewed quite piece sweet thick delicate black chicken broth. If be to use the word that fries boiler to stew, it is conflagration is boiled more turn again small fire, stew the time that 2 hours influence slow.