Pumpkin congee ate the meeting is fat how much is the quantity of heat of pumpkin congee

Pumpkin congee is a kind of very healthy congee is fed, basically be the health such as pumpkin and rice feeds capable person commonly inside it, its quantity of heat does not calculate very tall, it is the food that a lot of personages reducing weight recommend, the quantity of heat that unship pumpkin congee came along below.

Pumpkin congee ate the meeting is fat

General won't get fat.

The causes get fat easily part in general food is adipose with carbohydrate, and in congee of pumpkin of every 100 grams adipose it is 0.14 grams only, the content of carbohydrate is 11.46 grams about, adipose the content with carbohydrate is lower, and the quantity of heat that 53 large calorie contain only in congee of 100 grams pumpkin, under most alimental quantity of heat, so usually, right amount drinking pumpkin congee is not light put on weight.

How much is the quantity of heat of pumpkin congee

The quantity of heat of congee of 100 grams pumpkin is controlled in 21 kilocalorie probably, measure food compared with a few high fever, the quantity of

heat of pumpkin congee is negligible almost not plan. 100 grams tomato has the quantity of heat of 20 kilocalorie, eating pumpkin congee it is thus clear that is to won't make of person put on weight, the friend in reducing weight also can be at ease ate boldly!

The practice of pumpkin congee

Material: 15g of millet 75g, polished glutinous rice, red jujube 6, pumpkin 200g.


1. goes to red jujube of preparation nucleus, small are cut after cleaning pumpkin flay clean.

2. will be small inside boiler pumpkin piece evaporate is ripe, press next press into pumpkin mud.

3. opens electric meal Bao to begin to boil after clear water, millet, polished glutinous rice is joined in boiler.

4. is inside boiler water boil when, join red jujube to continue to boil.

5. next pumpkin mud in succession enter electric meal Bao inside, the attention wants ceaseless agitate to be able to take out edible next.

Pumpkin chooses a method

1, the pumpkin color of golden color matures more greatly more, and the stripe that sees pumpkin skin go up even, stripe is thicker it is more mature to also explain, mature pumpkin nature is sweeter.

2, hear go up the pumpkin specification that has a faint scent is more mature, the fragrance of flesh sends out inside came out, and the flavour that if smell,is a tender melon, explain not ripe, scarcely will be very sweet.

3, pumpkin is mature, still can pass clutch one clutch skin will examine, if with fingernail OK and optional clutch defeats skin, showing this pumpkin still is not very ripe, mature pumpkin skin is harder, not easy clutch is broken.