Of the previous night of arhat fruit tea still can be drunk did arhat fruit tea drink meeting allergy

Arhat fruit tea is to use arhat to be mixed if really a few other tea that feed material to bubble, flavour is first-rate, and effect also is very comprehensive, so, can be the arhat fruit tea that did not drink that day still drunk the following day?

Can be of the previous night of arhat fruit tea still drunk

Of the previous night of arhat fruit tea had better not be drunk. Arhat fruit tea inside contain candy component, allow easy metamorphism. And there is the nutrient material such as amino acid in tea, of the previous night later, can appear a lot of microbial generation, drank bad to the body.

Although arhat fruit tea has expectorant relieve a cough, bowel of embellish of the clear hot weather that heat up solution, clear lung and promote the secret

ion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. But, of the previous night of water of arhat fruit bubble if had better not drink again. Any food, below normal temperature 6 hours can begin metamorphism, arhat fruit tea is not exceptional also. Especially summer enrages Wen Gao now, hind of of the previous night deteriorates more easily, drink go down to be able to cause harm to human body health.

Did arhat fruit tea drink meeting allergy

May allergic.

Somebody will be allergic to arhat fruit, because this takes arhat fruit tea to also can make,skin Sao itchs more than, aching, each place bedding face amass the body an erythema, so allergic person scarcely can tea of edible arhat fruit.

Arhat fruit tea has what effect

Arhat fruit tea chooses low temperature of classics of high grade dried fruit to exceed small smash make, material of not add other, fire of cool dispel of flavour Gan Tian, sex, constant drink has liver of lung of clear heat, alexipharmic, embellish, beneficial, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, disappear thirsty, relieve a cough, bowel of make expectoration easy, embellish, aperient, restrain asthma to reach fall the sanitarian effect of 12 kinds of above such as blood pressure, gastritis of phlogistic to tonsil of tracheitis of whooping cough, acute, acute, guttural fire, acute has very good health care to treat the effect.

The action of arhat fruit tea returns those who have hairdressing to say: To carry the figure of graceful, the female should say with sweetmeat Byebye is OK and drinkable arhat fruit tea, although it is sweet be like saccharic, quantity of heat is used up however be equal to 0. Sanitarian effect: Pleasant, cool, avirulent; enters Qing Dynasty of; of lung, lienal classics lobar embellish bowel, clear heat is aperient. Lung having Qing Dynasty relieves a cough, the effect with embellish aperient bowel, excessive to smoke wine wait for the cracked, pharynx that cause to work thirsty etc particularly effective. Adjustable fall blood sugar value, improvement is diabetic.

Arhat fruit chooses a method

One, look. Arhat fruit surface is Brown, cinnamon or green Brown, have brunet spot piece reach maize fluff, fructification surface fluff makes clear fresher to; wants a choose and buy to grow form fruit; to see arhat fruit whether core of sear phenomenon; doesn't become white as far as possible more more, do not show wet shape;

2, shake. Take arhat fruit to shake, shake not noisy for beautiful, because noisy fruit grows day age is insufficient and the material inside the consequence that causes fructification drying fails to connect with fruit carapace and make free thing, when fructification by jolty when, this freedom content strikes fruit hull and sound.

3, touch. Gan Shuang is bouncy: Arhat fruit is cast gently on the desktop to be met like the ping-pong when two fruit photograph touchs Yu Jia; , bounce gives out ringing sound.

4, bubble. Boiled water of arhat fruit bubble has sweet sweet smell clear, not bitter.