Clear Jiang Yu how many money a jin of clear Jiang Yugui

Clear Jiang Yu is recently these a few years very popular a kind of eating fish, its flesh still is very fresh and tender character, and thorn also does not calculate much, because this is very popular, so clear Jiang Yu how many money is now commonly in the market a jin?

Clear Jiang Yu how many money a jin

Price of clear river fish is in commonly 20 ~ 40 yuan / jin, the price can get the factor such as character, norms and area affect and fluctuate somewhat, specific trade with place the price is accurate.

Clear Jiang Yu is to point to the fish that originates in area of library of Hubei clear river, be known as " the province of 1000 lakes " the aquatic product a special skill of Hubei. "Clear Jiang Yu " brand already signed up for a country industrial and commercial bureau is registered. Long this world " clear Jiang Yu " brand in order to grow water area environment admirable, flesh pledges safety of the delicate, fishy smell that do not have mud, edible gets the favour of domestic and international travelling merchant.

Clear Jiang Yugui

Have expensive also have petty gain, want to see specific fingerling.

Clear Jiang Yu is all a general designation that produces the fish from clear Jiang Li, particular value should see you want which kinds of fish, Zuo of stain forked end group Yu Hui aquatic product quotes 13 yuan / jin, clear river fat fish quotes 21 yuan / jin, price of clear river silver carp is lower, of course, like Qing Jiangyin fish, spoon kisses the high-end fish of sturgeon and so on, the price is more expensive.

How does clear Jiang Yu choose

1. sees vivid jerk of the fish


General healthy piscine vivid jerk is very tall. The piscine disease with body bad situation weaks and weary through illness, move about is gotten very few. We can choose when picking a fish, the fish with those vivid big momentum. This kind of fish tastes cruelly oppress mouthfeel also can be sent closely delicious.

2. sees piscine eye

If body position of the fish is good, pearl eye is Hei Liang, luster. The contrary fish that if be about,dies has done not have brightness, very cloudy. Died piscine time in a way is bit longer, pearl eye is white. We can know piscine state from pearl eye.

3. sees scale

Good piscine scale is very rich burnish, very suitable slip, sunken without protruding. A lot of scale did not finish the fish that is about dead. We also should see what what helminth and so on has on scale. Those who had helminth, scarcely should be bought.

The practice of the daily life of a family of clear Jiang Yu

1. prepares clear Jiang Yu, delimit on piscine body sideways on knife mark, put cooking wine, salt is put in the basin, in abdomen of fish of outfit of green ginger section, souse after 10 minutes, put into 10-15 of the evaporate in boiler or so minutes;

2. evaporate good end gives piscine dish, chi of the fish that add steam is oily, fry boiler to burn heat to put oil to burn heat, irrigate piscine body to go up, put chopped green onion, chili, the fish has been done.