Dog head jujube is the antecedents of the jujube of head of dog of special local product of where

Dog head jujube is a breed that belongs to Gong Zaozhong, these year come very welcome, and dog head jujube is a kind when belong to Gong Zaozhong to had been compared, where is we came to jujube of unship dog head below those who produce.

Dog head jujube is the special local product of where

Dog head jujube is the special local product that Shaanxi saves Yan'an city to delay plain county, although originate in Yan Chuan county formerly, but actually a lot of places have Shaanxi now jujube of kind of establish dog head, the tone of dog head jujube of Shaanxi each district is right still also, pulp much pit is small, cent of sunshine time long candy is enough, so dog head jujube also can say the special local product that is Shaanxi province. Gain ground as what dog head jujube grows a technology, a lot of places besides Shaanxi province are gutty also now jujube of establish dog head, it is nevertheless in everybody's

impression, character is best still is the dog head jujube of Shaanxi.

The antecedents of dog head jujube

Head jujube produces the dog to delay plain county from Yan'an, already had 300 old cultivated histories, the fructification of dog head jujube that delays plain county place to produce Bao Segong of big, skin, the flesh is white fine fragile, smell is sweet be like honey, it is special beautiful gives birth to food to plant, particularly lady and children happy event are fed. At present this county shares jujube garden area 8000 hectare, always produce more than 2000 tons, call " Gong Zaozhi countryside " .

And this renown written pledge says dog head jujube or of Tang Chaotang Gao Zongci, because it is so long that it follow dog head very similar, grant a dog head jujube. Of course, textual research of have no way of this paragraph of history, but from the point of these hearsay, dog head jujube is in ancient time already very famous.

The effect of dog head jujube

1, fill lienal be good at stomach

Fill lienal one of main effect that be good at stomach is dog head jujube, it not only can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, still can accelerate digestive juice to secrete, dog head jujube can enter lienal kidney to be able to prevent taste frail feed little abdominal distension, at ordinary times people falls because of taste function appear when a variety of bodies are unwell, can take dog head jujube directly.

2, prevent cancer

The dog contains rich vitamin C and pleasant of gland of annulus phosphoric acid in head jujube, it still contains the nutrient part such as acid of a few hawkthorn, these material are the natural ingredient that fight cancer, they not only can prevent cellular canceration, still can control cancer cell second birth, at ordinary times often jujube of edible dog head can prevent cancer to also can prevent cancer illness to diffuse already.

3, easy liver solves gloomy

Easy liver sees the main effect that Yu Ye is dog head jujube, it can adjust human mood, prevent depressed appear with the undesirable symptom such as angst, those appear in the life chronic mental disease and often irritating crowd, can eat jujube of head of a few dogs more, it can adjust mood, stabilize the mood, the bad record record that can let human body appear improves very quickly.

How does dog head jujube eat

Dog head jujube is washed clean directly eat or bubble water is OK.

Raise liver to discharge poisonous experiment to prove, give liver function everyday not the person of beautiful drinks water of dog head jujube, continuously a week, can increase albumen of human body serum, thereby conduce protects liver to discharge poison. The peel of dog head jujube is tough stodgy, if rectify a strong bubble, very difficult its complete dissolve gives active ingredient, because this had better break its an again strong bubble. Those who need an attention is, fresh dog head jujube shoulds not be strong bubble or decoction. Because its vitamin C content is very high,this is, with hot water the bubble that boil makes easily vitamin C prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Water of bubble of jujube of So dog head is drunk is a good method, and super and simple!