Horsebean is toxic what symptom horsebean is toxic oneself are met

Very may much person still does not know to eat horsebean to have toxic possibility, actually horsebean falls in the circumstance that eat raw, it is possible meeting is brought about really toxic, so, eat broad bean what symptom does toxic meeting have?

Horsebean is toxic what symptom

After edible horsebean if appeared haemolysis sex is anaemic, or was to appear the word of the symptom such as vomiting, icteric, dizziness, attribute toxic situation namely, but the word of this kind of toxic phenomenon won't instantly fit, it is certain to have however conceal period, perhaps be in a day or so to be able to appear in 4 hours commonly symptom.

Horsebean is toxic oneself are met

It is to need to urge commonly spit or of gastric lavage, just meet next slowly oneself are good.

Appear to prevent horsebean is toxic, had better not eat fresh tender broad bean, and after must be being thoroughlied cook again edible.

Eat horsebean why to be met toxic

The principle of horsebean disease is the lack inside body a kind enzymatic -- dehydrogena

tion of dextrose of 6- phosphoric acid (G6PD) . Consider to show, g6PD has the effect that protects film of red blood cell not to suffer oxidation to destroy. Horsebean contains 2 kinds of nucleotide -- glucoside of candy of horsebean pyrimidine Pu (Vicine) and nucleotide of companion horsebean pyrimidine (Covicine) , they are in weak acerbity environment by β - candy glucoside is enzymatic respectively hydrolysis is horsebean pyrimidine (Divicine) and Mill of different corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs (Isouramil) . Glucoside of these two candy matchs base the GSH content that reduces red blood cell in body internal energy, make red blood cell cannot the phthalein of cereal Guang pleasant that will oxidize (GSSH) is reductive, dehydrogenation of dextrose of interference 6- phosphoric acid is enzymatic (G6PD) , cause NADPH(to return prototype complementary enzymatic Ⅱ ) lack, produce haemolysis finally.

And the happening with toxic horsebean, outside be being lacked except G6PD, still have a few otherer completely not clear element. Horsebean cannot eat horsebean raw common vetch alkaline glucoside is contained in the seed, person edible after this kind of material, can cause anemia of acute hemolysis sex () of horsebean yellow disease. Two season eat Chun Xia when green horsebean, if cook undeserved, regular meeting makes the person produces toxic phenomenon. And after eating the 4 ~ after unripe horsebean 24 hours commonly, come on.

Horsebean is toxic how to do

1.If appeared,the word of toxic circumstance wants to undertake in time urging spitting after edible horsebean, lest toxic symptom is aggravating.

2. edible horsebean appeared the word of toxic circumstance must a few vitriolic magnesium undertake seasonable edible gastric lavage, lest be met after edible,cause a few adverse effects to human body health.

The toxic state that 3. edible horsebean appears compares serious word, need sends cure in time to have treatment, the adverse effect with lest cause human body health,appear certain.