Is water chest nut boiled how to long just consider ripe water chest nut OK to often eat

Everybody should have heard in the life rife is vegetable, so do you understand water chest nut? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all water chest nut is boiled how to long just calculate ripe, and can water chest nut often eat? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Water chest nut is boiled how to long just calculate ripe

Water chest nut is one kind can be eaten raw namely can ripe eating food, flavour tastily faint scent, the seasonal edible that a lot of people can appear on the market in water chest nut a few water chest nut, water chest nut thoroughlies cook big baked wheaten cake to leave, turn small baked wheaten cake a hour, medium baking temperature needs big baked wheaten cake 40 minutes to leave.

Can water chest nut often eat

It is not to suggest below the circumstance normally person often the alimental that eats this kind of water chest nut, because of it Gan Han sex slips, stodgy, if edible is overmuch, easy and abdom

inal distension. Taste Xu Han, digestive function relatively the person that differ and children, old person, unfavorable feed more. When and be in eating, be to should notice to do ripe.

Water chest nut wants how to eat

1, with small brush skin of water chest nut scrub is clean, put in skillet (avoid uses iron bowl) , go up 4-5 the water of times.

2, lay aside skillet fire, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn the water chest nut in small fire slow skillet.

3, boil till water chest nut fully ripe. The water in waiting for final boiler is burned quickly when working, boiler the lid is opened, hand a surname uses skillet, let water chest nut receive juice slowly, the water chest nut that boils dry water so is particularly sweet, particularly delicious (attention, this is the one great secret of success that makes mouthfeel of the water water chest nut that boil good) .

4, after waiting for water chest nut to cool, the scour off in putting cool boiled water is cortical the candy that go up sticks thing.

5, the ripe water chest nut after air is cortical and abluent, when eating, husk can.

6, the water chest nut that has boiled, put in ventilated place, after dry in the shade, ability is delicious, do not stick a hand.

Water chest nut wants how to choose

1. asks basically

High grade water chest nut with the skin thin, fleshy white, bud is dumpy, without damaged, take clay slightly had better.

2. color

The color of skin of water chest nut shows weak amaranth commonly, or red black, some are shown old. If discover colour and lustre of skin of water chest nut is fresh and tender, or show abnormal bright red, distributing very even, had better not buy, the likelihood is handled through immersing.

3. is heard

When choosing water chest nut, can hear the flavour of water chest nut, if have pungent taste, or other peculiar smell, had better not buy, the likelihood is to be immersed to had been handled.

4. is felt

When choosing water chest nut, should notice observation has without degenerative, hair the state such as soft, corruption, return the corner that can crowd water chest nut with the hand, if had immersed, water chest nut can be stuck on the hand on sweat fluid of yellow.