Popular feeling fruit is general and mature in fruit of popular feeling of portion of wh what month how choose and buy

Everybody should have heard of rife fruit in the life, so do you understand popular feeling fruit? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all popular feeling fruit matures commonly in portion of wh what month, and popular feeling fruit how Where is choose and buy? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Popular feeling fruit matures commonly in portion of wh what month

Matured to October in September.

Popular feeling fruit is inside appropriate area, choose exposed to the sun to carry layer of north, earth on the back deep, not seeper, cold air is little, take shelter from the wind the upland, hillside of the region or flat establish garden. If make town trade tree and tree of urban and rural afforest, answer establish Yu Han kills lighter place, also can cultivate after the house before rustic door. Grow month of 4~5 of the most comfortable time, dig 60cm of × of 60cm of × of long wide deep 60cn to grow acupuncture point, apply sufficient organic fertilizer, match with phosphate fertilizer, 6cm of × of 5cm of individual plant row spacing, after planting, drench the enough water that decide a root, enclothe straw appropriately, maintain soil wet, avoid soil to harden. Young age tree but kind of short-term crop, with improved soil. Timely intertill weeds, conditional but enlarge acupuncture point is pressed green, stimulative root system grows. Childhood tree grows with nutrition advocate, quick result fertilizer is applied before taking a tip every time, enlarge crown of a tree. Written guarantee the fruiter is given priority to with organic fertilizer, collect fruit hind to add the potash fertilizer that apply phosphor, age two season each top application, improve fructification quality. Young tree should cut a top, make side branch grow. Winter combines clear garden, branch of annihilate ill bug and deadwood. Below normal circumstance, fruit thinning of popular feeling fruit, if pass really much, but proper scanty except, ensure high yield is produced firmly.

Popular feeling fruit how choose and buy

1, skin of good popular feeling fruit feels resemble pear a bit, think potato a bit it seems that. Do not pick the sort of very smooth popular feeling fruit, the nutrient value of fruit of this kind of popular feeling is not high instead.

2, mature popular feeling fruit is softer, if be impatient,miss eating friend

s, with respect to the popular feeling fruit that should want to carry a few softness, mature popular feeling fruit tastes just meet Xian Tian. If not anxious eat, also can pick a few a bit harder popular feeling fruit, the time chairman that brings back the home to save so a bit, after can be being put in rice crock accelerate the ripening again edible.

The growth of popular feeling fruit the environment is how

Popular feeling fruit, be fond of high temperature and fecund arenaceous qualitative loam, adaptability is stronger, large tree is in - 2 ~ - 3 ℃ still can safe hibernate, in fertility inferior viscid soil also can grow normally development. Popular feeling fruit can blossom and bear fruit normally in 11~31 ℃ , young fruit in – 1 ℃ suffers freeze injury, large tree in – 4.5 ℃ suffer freeze injury easily, 2.2 ℃ catch a cold catch a cold kills –, if make economy help advance somebody's career, should be in the area with higher air temperature to develop. Popular feeling fruit asks moisture is enough, year rainfall is in 1300mm above, it is better to grow, root system is deep, very be able to bear or endure drought, relatively be able to bear or endure barren with salinity, the tree is tall, blade is bigger, branch is fragile, yi She. In 9 ~ fructification will mature in October when, shuck pulp takes out seminal dry in the shade, stay second year spring sowing. Layering appropriate picks up in spring air temperature to 20 ℃ undertake when above, 2 years in 1 ~ unripe branch presses 3 ~ annulus of 4 centimeters of width pares, next the loam that soak of straw of in order to makes wraps up, often hold earthy group wet, about 2 months can form new root. Need to apply sufficient base fertilizer when field planting. Want to notice to prevent scale insect. The 4 ~ after growing 5 years but result.

Popular feeling fruit basically distributings where be

Popular feeling fruit, produce America tropics area formerly, chinese Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan (on the west double edition accept) have help advance somebody's career. The intertropical fruit that popular feeling fruit is division of Lan of a kind of hill, because the fructification of popular feeling fruit grows very to resemble the person's heart, be named to be called popular feeling fruit by people so. Because of the fruit image persimmon of popular feeling fruit, also can be called " Wu Feng persimmon " . It is a kind of fruit with nutrient very high value. Can feed if really, smell is sweet goluptious; Truncal galactic for chewing gum raw material; Kind benevolence oil content 20% ; Bark contains a plant alkaline, can treat hot disease.