What is sea razor clam sea razor clam has what nutrition value

Should have everybody heard of sea razor clam in the life? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is sea razor clam, and what nutrition value does sea razor clam have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is sea razor clam

Sea razor clam belongs to division of valve branchial key link, Zhu Jian. Razor clam lives in shallow sea silt, have two conch with equal left and right sides, chitinous fragile thin, show a rectangle, the surface often grows the pellicle of a reseda. Flavour of razor clam flesh is delicious, it is commonner marine provision.

Sea razor clam has what nutrition value

1, the flesh sweet, salty, sex is cold, detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, filling shade divides water of beneficial of kidney of irritated, beneficial, clear stomach cure is dysenteri

c, postpartum filling theory action. Razor clam flesh is cutting of medicable postpartum air, irritated hot thirsty, wet diarrhoea of hot oedema, heatstroke, dysenteric, micturition is undesirable wait. Have the function of filling empty. Pleasant of razor clam flesh, Xian Han, use at postpartum Xu Han, irritated heat dysenteric, housing can be used at cure stomach trouble, guttural gall.

2, razor clam flesh contains a lot ofiodine and Selenium, it is the health food with armour excessive patient, pregnant woman, good old people, razor clam flesh contains zinc and manganese, often eat Cheng rotor to be helpful for the complement of cerebrum nutrition, have the effect of stimulative cerebra health. Return discovery, razor clam flesh has certain curative effect to waiting for a symptom because of putting cure, mouth of the generation after changing cure fights irritated heat.

Does razor clam having the of great capacity have what what notices

1, dead cannot eat

Died razor clam and other seafood food are same, can cause many bacterium to bring about its to deteriorate immediately, produce harmful to human body material, if inadvertent edible can endanger health, because this carries what razor clam must carry work, if use water to be not boiled,of housing is dead razor clam, refuse cannot eat.

2, allergic avoid eats

Razor clam also is to belong to food of high protein easy allergy, contain variant protein among them, to some people, decompose accordingly because of lack enzymatic, these heterogeneous protein activation with respect to can direct or indirect ground immune cell, cause allergic reaction thereby, light person occurrence skin Sao the unwell symptom such as urticant, rash, the person that weigh causes asthma, can bring about even asphyxial, endanger life.

3, avoid eats more

Razor clam is high protein qualitative food, consistent second sex eats too much, appear easily the body such as abdominal distension, indigestion is unwell symptom, it is advisable that the proposal takes 200 grams.

The market value of sea razor clam is how

The market value of razor clam can undertake as the difference of producing area and breed fluctuating fluctuating, but overall and difference of character each district is big not, and current market level is relatively stable also. According to a few markets quote looks, the price general of razor clam is ubiquitous 20~30 yuan a jin or so, particular price can seek advice from local supplier.