Strange inferior seed cannot eat together with what strange inferior what person cannot eat seed

Strange inferior seed can say is red food of a kind of net, a lot of people most beginning to know it is should be hear it can reduce weight, there still are not a lot of contraindications when Guo Jiya seed is eating, next eating understand to surprise together below inferior what should seed notice.

Strange inferior seed cannot eat together with what

Strange inferior seed is unfavorable with the vitamin at the same time edible.

Strange inferior an edible can bring about seed and vitamin B replenishers the plant nutriment that human body absorbs excessive and toxic. Because this does not allow via the doctor, the treats drug crowd that takes haemal thinner, blood pressure and cancer not should edible is strange inferior seed.

Strange inferior what person cannot eat seed

Weak of function of 1. intestines and stomach

Strange inferior many prandial fiber is contained in seed, having 1/4 thread among them is water-solubility, and 3/4 be not of dissolve sex, a burden is not for the person with the prandial more fragile to function of intestines and stomach fiber of dissolve sex, and contain many protein among them, digestive need time, increase a burden very easily to intestines and stomach so, the person with so young function of intestines and stomach does not suit to eat strange inferior seed.

2. allergic crowd

Strange inferior the seed that seed is sage of Gorgon euryale Europe, contain a few part among them, may bring about allergy. If have pair of sesame seed, mint or the multitude that seed of leaf mustardleaf mustard has hypersensitive state, also be cannot eat quite strange inferior of seed, because be to belong to same familial, had better not edible, lest cause allergic reaction.

3. blood chroma has the multitude of the problem

Because surprise inferior rich fatty acid is contained in seed, and the effect that fatty acid has certain attenuant blood, and for the multitude that has a problem to haemal chroma, may symptom of influential blood pH indicator, because this needs great attention, had better be to be below the doctor's guidance whether can

edible is strange inferior seed.

Strange inferior how does seed eat

Strange inferior the edible pattern with the most familiar seed is worn with respect to the boiled water that use bubble eat, those who take one spoon is strange inferior seed is put into the cup, add the boiled water of 300ml, next mix is even, quiet place awaits his 30 minutes to become mushy hind, again mix is even, can direct edible. Also can join a few honey or the flavoring amid such as fruit juice, add special flavor.

Also need not use leach bubble edible, can will strange inferior seed bubble enters yoghurt or in milk, can let surprise not only so inferior the taste of seed is better, still can add other alimental mouthfeel and flavor, increase value of whole alimental nutrition.

Strange inferior the effect of seed and action

1, advantageous and skeletal tooth

As we have learned, strange inferior seed has more calcium than most dairy produce. In addition, it contains a lot ofalbumen, phosphor, magnesian, manganese, it is healthy skeleton and tooth cannot little nutrition.

2, good to the heart part

ω - 3 fatty acid are to the heart cannot little, because it can reduce cholesterol, make hemal smooth-going. ω - 3 fatty acid often are discovered in the fish, but vegetarian can be obtained in Cong Jiya seed.

3, rich contain protein

The food of high protein can help control hunger feel, raise sarcous rehabilitate. Strange inferior in seed 14% it is protein, what still come than other plant is much.

4, can enhance immune power

Strange inferior seed was full of antioxidant, can enhance immune power, help human body defies a variety of diseases, be like cancer, or it is the cellular damage that freedom radical causes.

5, can help aid digestion

Contain a lot offibrous to surprise inferior seed can promote the beneficial bacterium in alvine path, the help controls cholesterol level, adjust defecate. In addition, it can let cheeper feel satiated, prevent rubbish alimental longing, maintain healthy weight.