It he boil chestnut chestnut how to boil a skin in the home is good that he boil chestnut chestnut how to boil a skin in the home pare

Chinese chestnut all the year round delicious, especially hiemal chestnut, taste all the more sweet, so how do one

self boil chestnut in the home, it how chestnut boils a skin is good how chestnut boils a skin pare, will look below.

How do oneself boil chestnut in the home?

Chestnut is cleaned clean first, can above knife of the cross on chop, can put bowl next inside, join right amount salt and rock candy, enter right amount water, add a few oil, by cook key, when after jumping to heat preservation to bolt, it is OK to take chestnut take chestnut ate, still can put in frying pan to break up fry, such can sweeter tasting.

It how chestnut boils a skin is good how chestnut boils a skin pare

1, microwave oven

Will make chestnut with microwave oven the meeting is more convenient, need is above chestnut cut small mouth, put a recipient next in the center, cap has been built, put the left and right sides heats 5 minutes inside microwave oven, after be being taken, dispute often allows what pare easily.

2, high-pressured boiler

The chestnut that boil also can put maximum pressure directly will boil inside boiler, do not need to turn on the water, boil all the time on can give Chinese chestnut after gas take, an easily housing purify, also be a kind of very convenient method.

Eat chestnut to have what profit

1, enhance a constitution

Eat a few chestnut appropriately to be able to solve the body frail, lumbar genu aching and limp, frail without appetite and taste problem, inside it mineral, the content of vitamin and not saturated fatty acid is rich, to osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension have very good improvement action, and still can have counteractive and anile effect.

2, disease of oral cavity of prevention and cure

The riboflavin content inside chestnut is rich, eat a few problems that can invite oral cavity ulcer and talking around to give birth to sore appropriately to get be settlemented effectively.

3, complementary capabilities

Very rich carbohydrate still is contained inside chestnut, can complement the energy that body place needs, make taste more healthy, still can let adipose metabolization speed become faster.

4, osteoporosis of prevention and cure

The vitamin C content that contains inside chestnut is very rich also, can let blood-vessel, muscle, skeleton and tooth maintain the position that has comparinging, such occurrence osteoporosis and bones and muscles are aching, the odds of lumbar leg aching and limp can be reduced a lot of.

Chestnut what person is unfavorable eat

1, diabetic person

The candy component in chestnut is exceedingly substantial, and the diabetic is cannot the candy cent with too much edible, so this kind of patient cannot take chestnut, can make otherwise the patient's disease more serious, to the patient healthy for it is very bad.

2, taste is frail crowd

Chestnut is a kind of very fast to digesting a function to ask food, if frail patient had taste,the word of chestnut can appear dyspeptic phenomenon, also be a kind of burden to the intestines and stomach of this kind of patient, it is exceedingly bad to the body of this kind of patient.