What is yellow croaker yellow croaker has what nutrition value

Everybody should have heard of rife fish in the life, but do you understand yellow croaker? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is yellow croaker, and what nutrition value does yellow croaker have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is yellow croaker?

Yellow croaker, larimichthys (D. S. Jordan Et Starks, 1905) , renown yellow croaker, the belongs to yellow croaker a general designation that yellow croaker of Shi Shouyu division belongs to. Be born in the East China Sea, there are two hard rocks in piscine head, make ear stone, reason renown Shi Shouyu. The white swimming bladder in piscine abdomen can make isinglass, have hemostatic effect, can prevent haemorrhage sex purpura.

Yellow croaker has what nutrition value

Yellow croaker contains rich protein, microelement and vitamin, have very good benefiting effect to human body, frail to the constitution for the old people in mixing, edible yellow croaker can get very good dietotherapy result. Yellow croaker not only fleshy qualitative fleshy, fragile tender, flavour is delicious, digest easily absorb, the fish glue of yellow croaker, flesh, bravery all medicable disease. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have with respect to account, pleasant of yellow croaker flavour, sex is smooth, have bright eye, calm the nerves, beneficial gas, be good at lienal appetizing wait for effect. Contemporary dietetics considers to also discover, the protein content of yellow croaker is higher, contain a lot ofadipose, calcic, phosphor, iron, iodine and many Ou Miga, 3 fatty acid, have higher officinal value.

Yellow croaker grows below what environment

Yellow croaker ever

was one of fish of Chinese important economy, for China's peculiar local sort, distributing extensively to have Yellow Sea southern part at north, via the East China Sea, taiwan strait, to the south of peninsula of city of thunder of Na Zhina sea. This fish belongs to swim of group of warm lukewarm sex to swim fish, chang Qi ceases at depth of water the lower level in the coastal waters of 60 meters of less than. Season of reproduction of large yellow croaker has spring, autumn two season, when reproductive period, school makes reproduction migrate to coastal waters from area of open waters live through the winter group by group. Regard rare economy as fish, large yellow croaker favors for a long time by consumer. But because of excessive catch, resource is destroyed serious.

The market value of yellow croaker is how

Current in light of the market condition of yellow croaker, the price of yellow croaker needs to divide kind of circumstance to look, small yellow croaker is probably 26 to 30 come a Qian Zun is right a jin, and big yellow croaker basically can sell 40 money a jin, it is feral yellow croaker can sell at least next 50 to 60 money a jin, still having a kind of case is yellow croaker dry price also compares price of average a few fish to want expensive, it is 26 money control a jin normally. Different of course area so the market price case of yellow croaker also can exist certain difference, resemble nearing the area of maritime space, it is a lot of cheaper that the price nature of yellow croaker is met, but the price with at present common yellow croaker is in 30 control a jin to 40 money.