Hare head how many money the nutrient value of head of a hare

Hare head is a very welcome cate, basically take extraordinary popularity in Chongqing and Sichuan, it is to use the head of bunny to the bittern in hot pot is made and be become in hemp, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, unship hare head coming below is how many money commonly.

Hare head how many money

The price of hare head is 8-15 commonly yuan.

Hare head is the head of bunny, after the course machines cooking make it cate, get of a lot of people like. Hare head contains a variety of nutrition, often edible can protect blood vessel, prevent thrombosis, have very big profit to 3 tall patients, can enhance a constitution.

The nutrient value of hare head

The nutrient value of hare head is very high, hare head contains a lot ofthe lecithin with cerebrum and other organ indispensable development, have be good at head the effect of beneficial wisdom, so children and old people often can have hare head fi

lling head. Hare head still can protect hemal wall, prevent thrombosis, have profit to hypertensive, coronary heart disease, diabetic, enhance a constitution, strong and handsome muscle, it still can protect skin cell active, safeguard skin flexibility, the skin advantage to us is rife, so to female friends, this is a kind of when suit to eat very much delicate food.

Senile support of the people is fat person head having rabbit is very right choice, what what contain in is adipose with cholesterol, under all and other flesh kind, and adipose it is not saturated fatty acid more again, often eat rabbit meat, can improve the health, but won't add fertilizer, it is the carnivorous of fat patient ideal, the female feeds, can hold the body slender, and we are to be able to pass head having rabbit to help his of able-bodied body, so to the male and female friends it is very good choice.

The amino acid with a variety of vitamins and indispensible place of 8 kinds of human body is contained in hare head, contain acid of the lysine that more human body lacks the most easily, lubricious ammonia, accordingly, often feed rabbit meat to prevent harmful material deposit, make children healthy grow, aid old person prolong life.

The practice of hare head

Advocate makings: Bright hare head 8, green section 300 grams, Jiang Pian 200 grams, refined salt 500 grams, bright Shang Kuo measures 150 grams, cooking wine

Complementary makings: Five sachet a kind of apple of 20 grams of 5 grams, cassia bark, hill is 2 grams of 10 grams, lilac, arenaceous benevolence 20 grams of 5 grams of 20 grams, nutmeg, caoguo, small fennel is 5 grams, sweet leaf 5 grams of 3 grams of 50 grams, licorice, the root of Dahurian angelica,

After 1. rinses hare head clean first, had piled up with flavor (summer piles up flavour 3, 5 hours, pile up flavour in the winter 8, 12 hours) midway turns over divide evenly 34 times up and down. , issue boil of baked wheaten cake of the flourishing in clear water again, fish out, clear water is rinsed, drop clean water, in order to go its fishy smell.

2. puts hare head next convert in the pot that added cassia bark, small fennel, dry chili, Laojiang, green Chinese onion, pepper, rock candy to wait for ten flavour flavor small fire is thoroughlied cook, immerse several hours again, fish out, drop clean bittern, air is cool. Such, hare head is special tasty, but the flesh remains the same very tender.

On medium baking temperature of 3. boiler buy, burn heat, issue red oil, heat to 34 into oil lukewarm, leave hare head, fry to hare head the nowadays that spit oil does chili, Chinese prickly ash to fry sweet, move tasty essence, have pot, hare head already was made namely. If do hemp piquancy, need additional join sweet hot condiment to mix divide evenly quiet place, let piquancy ooze go in can.

The origin of hare head

The creation of a kind of cate, because hit what bump by accident and arise by accident,often be occasionally. Allegedly hare head of this cate arisen be in last centuries, have a boss that becomes hare butcher's only, see hare head nobody takes special waste, add all sorts of characteristic condiment so go in, let hemp and hot blend in hare head in, that flavour allows explosion of person taste bud simply! This dish became after this of a Chengdu delicate, showed the hare head that Sichuan person eats off every year nowadays to exceed three. Because of the landform of Chengdu, hilly with hill, suit to breed large beast not quite, but suit bunny particularly however the growth of this kind of small-sized animal, so the hare industry of Chengdu also developeds exceedingly, this also ate bunny to offer supply of goods for Sichuan person.