Suddenly, there's doubt a new labor agreement between NBA players and owners can be completed by next week.

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, who is vice president of the players association, told ESPN on Saturday he was "skeptical" the si

des could work out a new deal before the Dec. 15 deadline for either side to reopen the current CBA. Anthony said there was a late snag in the discussions, but did not specify.

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"Do I think something could happen by the 15th? Yeah, I think something could happen. But I think this kind of put a dent in conversations," he told ESPN.

"We had something so close. We were supposed to have a deal done weeks ago, and for this to happen at the 25th hour is tough," he added.

ESPN reported later Saturday that disagreement over licensing and player likenesses has become a point of contention.

A reopening of the CBA could open the door for another lockout of players, five years after they were locked out in 2011. Even if the agreement is reopened, the sides would still have until June 30 to get a deal done.

A lockout appears unlikely at this point. Sources familiar with the talks told ESPN they remain optimistic a deal can get done by the 15th.