Jason Terry may no longer be a member of the Rockets, but he's still a fan of James Harden. 

The newly signed Bucks guard balked at the notion that Warriors guard Klay Thompson was better than Harden. 

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"[Thompson's] not leading s—," Terry told SiriusXM NBA Radio. "If he doesn't make shots, how effective is he? Go watch Klay Thompson vs. James Harden from last year and see what [LeBron] James did to him. Every time James got by him, you know who was there? Draymond Green or Andrew Bogut. ... I'm not a Klay Thompson hater. It's just when you put him up against James Harden, there's no comparison."

Terry proved he wasn't a Thompson hater by complimenting Thompson on his shooting stroke, stating that it is better than teammate and two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry. 

"I actually think Klay is a better shooter than Steph," he said. "Klay Thompson is amazing. His jump shot is pure. Just pure beauty."

As an 18-year NBA veteran, its hard to knock Terry for his opinion.