Draymond Green's coaches know how valuable of a player he is to their respective teams, but they also know how emotional he can get.

The NBA All-Star has built a not-so-favorable reputation because of his actions, especially ones that have landed him suspensions. He even had an off-court incident this offseason when he faced a misdemeanor assault-and-battery charge (he eventually took a plea deal).

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Kerr explained the struggles and delights of coaching Green on ESPN Radio's TMI show with Michelle Beadle and Ramona Shelburne.

"With Draymond he's obviously the one guy that sort of walks the line, tows the line, he's had some issues during the season, whether it's being demonstrative on the floor or the locker room or whatever, or getting suspended. But the thing with Draymond, and I learned this from [Michigan State coach] Tom Izzo ... He said, 'Draymond is going to make you pull your hair out sometimes, but he's such a great guy and a team guy and he's got such a huge heart that he's always going to come back around.' He said, 'The big thing with Draymond is challenge him and be up front with him. Don't be afraid to yell at him.' That's the way we've kind of appr

oached it.

"Draymond and I, we've gotten into it many times ... but there's never any lingering ill will. (GM Bob Myers) and I try to keep the momentum going. Every once in a while there's a hiccup and we address it ... but he always gets back on track."

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The Golden State coach said he and Myers have been in touch with Green this offseason. The power forward is currently in Rio playing for Team USA.