Draymond Green and Damian Lillard have taken their on-court battle off the court and into the media.

Following the Warriors' Game 3 loss to the Trail Blazers, Green said Portland had "doubt" at one point in the game. 

"That team — they had doubt," Green said, via ESPN. "You could just tell they were unsure about everything that they were doing in the first quarter. Then all of a sudden, like I said, you get a couple of offensive rebounds, hit a couple of shots, that's when the crowd gets into it. That's kind of what happened for them. I think right there in that first quarter, they felt like they were on the ropes and we didn't really take advantage of that."

Lillard was made aware of these comments, and didn't take kindly to them. The poi

nt guard clarified Sunday there was never any doubt, and didn't appreciate Green making stuff up.

"I don't know what kind of games he playing, but we don't play games over here," Lillard said Sunday. "There was never any doubt in our minds, but maybe he needed to tell himself whatever he needed to tell himself. There was never any doubt; if there's any doubt you don't beat a championship team. If that's what he has to tell himself, then that's perfectly fine."