We've known for a bit that the Kings are on schedule for a ne

w set of logos — or "brand identity," or whatever we're supposed to call it — for the 2016-17 season.

This is a good thing; once Sacramento initially got away from the Jason Williams/Chris Webber-era scheme, things went downhill. There've been a lot of different fonts and too many different secondary logos floating around, and it was time to clean it up.

If their European trademark filing is any indication, they've nailed it. Sportslogos.net posted the whole set, but the primary one is nice enough:

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As Chris Creamer noted in his post: No, this does not mean they're dropping purple for black. Most filings are in black and white. If that's what the Kings go for, and they shouldn't, it'd just be a coincidence. No word on whether the Jazz and Pistons' redesigns also leaked.

Regardless of color, that's a solid modern-retro design for the Kings; it's an updated version of the logo they used when they were based in Cincinnati and immediately after they moved to California. The bigger question is whether they throw it all the way back and re-adopt a red-white-and-blue color scheme.

Odds seem slim that they would; purple is a huge part of the brand, and marrying the old logo with the newer set of colors seems like the right compromise. Still, since the Clippers screwed everything everything up, no current NBA team does red, white and blue correctly. It's worth thinking about.

Plus, one less purple NBA team means the Minnesota Princes are a little more viable.