Nick Young has embraced his "Swaggy P persona throughout his career, but lately he hasn't shown as much bravado. After a video recorded by teammate D'Angelo Russell surfaced of him admitting to being with women who weren't his fiancee, things have been rocky for the 30-year-old both on and off the court.

The last time Young played in a game was March 8. The reasons for him being on the bench range from coach's decision to an illness to him flat out not playing. The relationship between him and Russell isn't likely to repair itself with the younger player saying last week, "You can't force peace."

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Russell also added, "I'm getting over it. But if the person that it hurt the most gets over it, then I feel like it's done. Until he lets it simmer down, then I think it will still be an issue."

Well, it appears Young hasn't simmered down, according to his coach.

“It was strictly a basketball decision," Scott said Monday about benching Young on Sunday. “It was all based on because I know how he’s feeling right now. He’s not really here with us. ... Right now, he's not here with us, mentally, and there's no need for me to put him out here on the floor."

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Young's role was declining even before the recent video surfaced, but there's

no doubt it made an impact since it came to life.

"It went even a little downhill to the last couple of months," Scott said. "The situation last week didn’t help. We all as coaches, players and everybody feel for him and we understand the situation he’s in. It’s a tough situation.”