When Lil B the Based God isn't rapping, he's cursing NBA stars. When he's not cursing NBA stars, he's chasing his hoop dreams.

You'll remember that during the NBA playoffs, Lil B stole the spotlight after he cursed James Harden over

a dance. He told Sporting News shortly after that he plans to make it to the NBA as a player. Well, it appears his chance has arrived.

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The 76ers' NBA Developmental League affiliate cordially invited Lil B to an open tryout. An open tryout implies that anyone is able to come, but we'll let him feel special. Of course Lil B can't curse his teammates or organization, so props to the 76ers for putting together this elaborate plan to protect themselves from the Based God's wrath.

Someone tell Lil B that Philadelphia is not located in Delaware. We'd hate for him to miss his big break.