Remembering the home run that went only 2 feet

Giancarlo Stanton hit a 495-foot home run in 2016. Andy Oyler hit a 2-foot home run in 1905.Oyler was batting for Class D Minneapolis during a soggy home game versus St. Paul when an inside fastball hit his bat and shot straight down. "Torrential rains had soaked the field the night before, and the ball disappeared into the mud two feet in front of home plate," the book "Long Ball: The Legend and Lore of the Home Run" described. "Oyler was the only man in the park who knew where the ball was. He started running to first, then to second, and then to third while the St. Paul players

searched in vain for the baseball." Oyler rounded third and scored with a smile on his face, completing a home run on a swing that placed the ball only 2 feet from home plate. MORE: The home run that split in halfHis little longball was immortalized as the title character of two different books, a compilation of baseball oddities called "The Twenty-Four Inch Home Run" and "Mudball," a children's book published in 2011.Believe it or not, Oyler's infield inside-the-parker isn't the only minor league Minnesota mudball. On July 13, 1917, Minneapolis slogged through a wet doubleheader in Virginia, Minn."Center field flies in deep water went for two base hits," the Minneapolis Journal said of the drenched doubleheader. "Heine Berger got credit for a home run in the second game when his hard hit ball got lost in the mire near second base and he made the circuit before it was recovered."As for Oyler, he reached and hit one home run for the Orioles, a blast we assume traveled farther than 2 feet.Tim Hagerty is the broadcaster for the Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas, and is on Twitter at @MinorsTeamNames. He is also the author of "Root for the Home Team: Minor League Baseball's Most Off-the-Wall Team Names."