The man who was convicted of killing Michael Jordan's father is seeking a new trial almost two decades after he was found guilty.

Lawyers for Daniel Andre Green say they have uncovered new evidence in the 1993 shooting death of James Jordan. They filed a 250-page request for a new trial Wednesday in Robeson County (N.C.) Superior Court, according to The Charlotte Observer. 

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Prosecutors used blood evidence to support testimony against Green by his co-defendant, Larry Demery. Green’s attorneys are questioning that evidence, among many other elements of the case, according to the Observer.

The lawyers cited a 2010 report from a former FBI agent who included Green’s 1996 trial as one of approximately 200 cases that were mishandled by the State Bureau of Investigation during a 16-year period. Per the Observer, information about blood evidence was omitted, overstated or fal

sely reported by analysts in those cases.  

“The blood evidence was critical to securing Mr. Green’s conviction because it was the only physical evidence supporting Larry Demery’s version of events,” attorney Ian Mance said in a statement.

Green’s attorneys also allege police never questioned a man who was called from James Jordan’s cell phone after his death. The lawyers say the man was the son of then-Robeson County Sheriff Hubert Stone and a family friend of the lead investigator, as well as a co-worker of Demery.

“The discovery of the call from Jordan’s car phone to a convicted drug trafficker with close ties to the sheriff’s department casts a whole new light on this case and undermines confidence in the verdict,” attorney Scott Holmes said in a statement.

Green was sentenced to life in prison. Demery received a lighter sentence in exchange for his testimony against Green. The Observer noted that Demery is eligible for parole in 2016.