Defense after dark: Pirates and Giants trade spectacular catches

While most people on the East Coast slept, Hunter Pence a

nd Andrew McCutchen were doing work out West.The Pirates-Giants game in San Francisco on Monday featured some awesome defense from the two All-Stars outfielders, with each making grabs that were far outside the definition of routine. MORE: Bartolo Colon earns first walk of his 19-year careerIn the fourth inning, Pence ran about a mile to catch a foul pop-up off the bat of Pittsburgh's Josh Harrison. The always awkward Pence stumbled on the bullpen mound, fell down, and made the catch anyway.  Three innings later, with the Pirates leading 7-4, the Giants' Eduardo Nunez, representing the tying run, hit a looping liner to left center that McCutchen laid out Superman-style to catch — ending the inning and preserving a three-run lead.Perhaps McCutchen's robbery of Nunez was revenge for this two innings earlier. All's fair in love, war and baseball. Oh, yeah: The Pirates won 8-5.