Thursday has officially come full circle for Bill Simmons.

ESPN's most outspoken employee was the topic of conversation following his Twitter rant directed at ESPN colleague Mike Golic, who took a shot at Simmons during Thursday's episode of Mike & Mike. Simmons criticized Golic for criticising him and said he would have lost respect for the show if only he had any in the first place.

Simmons recently returned from a three-week suspension due to his critical comments regarding Roger Goodell and then challenging his bosses to suspend him, and many believed that Thursday's outburst could have him soon packing for another "vacation."

On Thursday night, Simmons decided to unwind in Los Angeles by taking in the Kings' home game against the Islanders, where he ran in to former WWE superstar and fellow outspoken lightning rod CM Punk.


Funny who you run into at Kings games.

A photo posted by Bill Simmons (@sptguy33) on Nov 11, 2014 at 8:27pm PST

OK, we get it, you're probably not a wrestling fan. But don't leave just yet, because this picture makes too much sense.

For those unfamiliar, CM Punk was, and probably still is, one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world, despite the fact that he no longer wrestles professionally.

In January, following the annual Royal Rumble event, Punk (real name Phil Brooks) finally took his ball and went home. He was sick and tired of being misused and pushed aside from while former superstars  like "Guardians of the Galaxy" star (Dave) Batista, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, and former WWE champion and action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got to headline events while working on a part-time basis.

Punk didn't have the build of a typical WWE superstar. He didn't have the pedigree of a typical WWE superstar either. But prior to January, he was arguably the most popular wrester in the world not named John Cena. He was the anti-John Cena, which made him so likeable. In the current age of the PG "WWE Universe," Punk was something of a throwback to the Attitude Era. He spoke his mind and did what he wanted, and the audience loved it. He wasn't a leader in the locker room like John Cena, nor was he traveling around the country in his free time helping out with the Make-a-Wish Foundation like John Cena. 

Ever since the end of "The Summer of Punk" is 2011  — in which he rose to super stardom thanks to a legendary shoot interview on a June episode of Monday Night Raw — Punk slowly began to get more and more disenchanted with pro wrestling. He wasn't booked properly, sustained more injuries, and despite being a commercial cash cow and fan favorite, was not given the reigns to the company as much as he would have liked.  

Bill Simmons is the CM Punk of ESPN, with Mike & Mike the proverbial John Cena.

Like Punk, Simmons does not fit the "cookie cutter" mold that his company has been built around. Like Punk, Simmons does and says what he wants, and l

eaves it up to his bosses to deal with it. Like Punk, Simmons will soon have the chance to take his ball and go home — or to another outlet — when his contract expires next year.

Bill Simmons is the most well known person at ESPN who probably never should have been there, much like CM Punk and the WWE.

You just have to trust us when we say there is no possible way that Bill Simmons could have produced a picture on Thursday night more fitting based on the chain of events that preceded it.

It was almost too perfect, like it was scripted or something.