Bryce Harper will only play World Baseball Classic if other young studs join him

Baseball null Bryce Harper has carried the Nationals to first place in the NL East with a .314/.425/.786 slash line, nine home runs and 24 RBIs. But he has no intention of carrying the United States on his back in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. The U.S. team desperately wants Harper, arguably the best player in the game, on the roster next year to improve on its sixth-place finish in 2013. But Harper won’t give up his offseason for his country unless a host of other young stars follow suit. MORE: Photos of the phenom's rise | FOSTER: Harper > Trout, already"I think when you really look at it, if the guys play that you really want to play with, then definitely I'll play. But if we're not going to have the opportunity to win, then I don't want to play," Harper told CSN Mid-Atlantic. "If we do that, then I'm definitely in. If not, I probably won't do it." Among the players Harper listed as desired teammates: Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Nolan Arenado and Thor himself — Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard."I really just think if we have the support of all the players in the big leagues on the American side, then I'll definitely play. I'd love to. Hopefully we get some guys like Thor in New York and guys like that," Harper said.If Harper’s sentiment manages to assemble this version of The Avengers, American baseball fans would absolutely salivate over the lineup.