headed for another doping mess? Reports appear ominous

Baseball Another performance enhancing scandal could be brewing for Major League Baseball.According to USA Today, league officials are investigating the use of peptides among players. The report, citing a person with knowledge of the investigation, said peptides are now the "preferred way for many players to dope." Peptides are a banned substance made up of amino acids and are used to build muscle, among other things. Reportedly, they are manufactured in China and sold online in the U.S. and Canada as research chemicals often labeled "not for human consumption."SPECTOR: No need to change PED punishments According to some reports, peptides are injected to bump up the production of human growth hormone. Dodgers pitcher Josh Ravin and the Braves' Andrew McKirahan received punishment for the use of HGH.Meanwhile, a report Wednesday on ESPN's Outside the Lines said expects to suspend a player this week who tested positive for the steroid Turinabol, a drug used by East German athletes in the 1970s.Dee Gordon, Chris Colabello and Daniel Strumpf were each recently suspended afte

r testing positive for the drug.The OTL report gave few details on who the player or players might be, but did cite an unnamed source as suggesting that 's testing protocol is advancing in its detection capabilities."That's what makes the most sense," the source said. "There really isn't another theory right now."